Construction Worker’s Hand Severed in Accident

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A man was seriously injured in a New York City construction accident after he fell off a ladder and severed his hand. According to a news report in the Staten Island Advance, the incident occurred outside a Staten Island home when the 20-year-old worker fell about 20 feet down a ladder. The man was holding a power saw and severed his hand at the wrist. He was transported to an area hospital for treatment. An investigation is ongoing.
Ladders present a serious risk on construction sites. Workers risk falling if the ladders are not safely positioned each time they are used. It is also possible that workers may lose their balance while getting on and off an unsteady ladder. Falls from ladders can cause minor or moderate injuries such as strains or sprains to fractures, catastrophic injuries or even death. In this particular case, the worker was operating a power saw, which caused his hand to be severed as he fell.
There are several safety steps construction workers can take to prevent such horrific accidents. Make sure the ladders are positioned so the side rails extend at least 3 feet above the landing. Ensure the ladder is not overloaded. A ladder supporting a load that is more than it was designed for will cause the ladder to slip off its support. Before every use, ladders must be inspected for cracked, broken or defective parts. Only ladders that comply with standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) must be used.
If a worker has sustained catastrophic injuries due to a defective ladder or a defective power tool, he or she can seek compensation from the manufacturer of the defective product to cover all injuries and damages. This includes all medical expenses, time away from work while recovering, hospital and surgery expenses, medication, medical equipment and even prosthetics.
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Source:  Staten Island Advance