Construction Worker Injured after Falling from Ladder

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building accident attorney A worker was injured in a construction accident on the Second Avenue subway project. The victim fell off a ladder while working underground on the Upper East side. According to a WABC news report, the incident occurred at Second Avenue and East 69th Street when the worker fell about 6 to 8 feet. FDNY officials said the 50-year-old man had to be rescued.
He suffered head and shoulder injuries, which were non-life-threatening. Emergency medical workers lifted the victim up to street level and transported him to the hospital. He was conscious at the time. The extent of the worker’s injuries is not know, but he is said to be in the hospital in serious but stable condition. The investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing.

Fall-Related Injuries
Falls are the most common cause of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. Falls from ladders are also extremely common on construction sites. In this case, the man was working on a subway construction project when he fell. When an incident such as this occurs, it is important to look into what caused the fall and how it may have been prevented.
There are a number of questions that must be asked and answered. Was the worker properly trained? Were the ladders in good working condition and free of debris, defects and slick surfaces? Was the worker in question given personal protective equipment such as fall safety devices? Did a defective ladder cause the fall? Did the carelessness or negligence of someone else on the worksite, such as a supervisor or co-worker, result in the accident?
Compensation for Injured Workers
When a worker is injured on the job, he or she can seek workers’ compensation benefits through his employer. In addition, injured workers can also file what is known as a third-party claim for significant money damages from a party other than the employer and seek compensation for injuries and damages. Examples of third parties include, but are not limited to, general contractors, sub-contractors, property owners, property managers, manufacturers of defective products etc.
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