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Construction Accident Injuries and Fatalities Decline in New York City

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Construction Site AccidentThe New York Department of Buildings has announced a 28 percent decrease in construction site accidents in the city in 2010, according to a report in the Queens Courier. However, the article states that the good news was marred by three fatal construction accidents in New York City since the beginning of 2011.

According to the department’s statistics, there were 157 construction accidents in 2010 compared to 218 in 2009. Four accidents were fatal in 2010, which was a 78 percent decrease from 2008. There was also a 31 percent decline in construction-related injuries – from 241 in 2009 to 165 in 2010. Officials are saying that this decline is due to increased regulation, safety programs and heightened awareness about safety issues.

The three fatal construction site accidents in 2011 occurred in the months of January and February. One accident occurred at Queens and another involving two victims occurred in Manhattan. The Department of Buildings, over the last few years, has implemented more than 25 new construction safety laws and has conducted educational programs for industry members.

It is an unfortunate fact that despite the existence of safety standards and regulations, construction site accidents continue to injure and kill workers. Construction accidents can result in debilitating injuries, which can take away workers’ livelihoods. In fatal accidents, families may lose their primary or sole wage-earner. New York workers compensation benefits are grossly inadequate when it comes to compensating construction workers for catastrophic injuries or families for the loss of their loved ones.

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Source: Queens Courier

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