Bus Accident Causes Serious Injuries

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Bus AccidentAt least 24 people were injured when a Greyhound bus travelling from New York to St. Louis overturned on the highway. According to The Associated Press, the bus accident occurred in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The report does not specify what may have caused the bus to turn onto its side. One woman was trapped in the bus following the crash, and about 25 people were injured. The many injured victims were transported to area hospitals for treatment. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of this bus crash.
There have been a number of serious injury tour bus accidents recently. According to The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, 30 people have been killed and more than 300 have been injured in tour bus accidents just in 2011. These types of accidents often involve drivers who are over-worked, fatigued and struggling to stay focused while driving through the night. Many of these tour bus companies look the other way when their drivers fail to follow federal hours-of-service rules. All commercial drivers are required under federal law to get adequate rest before they start a shift.
Other causes of recent bus accidents include lack of proper vehicle maintenance, or tire maintenance, and dangerous roadways. If a bus accident is caused by its driver’s negligence, or failure on the bus company’s part to properly maintain the vehicle, then, the driver and the bus company can be held liable for any resulting injuries, damages and losses. Bus companies owe their passengers the “utmost duty of care,” which means that they are responsible for the safe transport of their passengers. Hiring a bus driver, for example, who has a history of driving violations, or alcohol and drug use, would be a breach of that duty on the part of the bus company.
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