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Brain Scanner Cheap Way to Check for Signs of Brain Damage

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Brain ScannerResearchers have developed an inexpensive helmet-like device, which they say, scans the brain with radio-frequency signals to immediately show signs of brain damage. According to a news report in IEEE Spectrum, researchers say that using this tool would be a quick, cost-effective way to tell whether a person may have suffered a potentially life-threatening brain injury that would require a hospital visit for detailed brain imaging. This can be particularly useful in rural settings where the nearest hospital may be miles away.

How Does the Device Work?

This technology is fairly simple to use and could cost only as much as a blood pressure measurement device, according to the researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, who has been developing this technology for various applications over the past six years. The device works on the basis that healthy and abnormal brain tissues conduct alternating currents differently.

Researchers could differentiate between healthy and injured brains by measuring this difference. They could even tell when the damaged brain had tissue swelling or internal bleeding by using this device. Usually symptoms of swelling or bleeding can only be detected through MRI or CT scans. The helmet-like device has two coils that are placed on either side of the head. One coil emits radio frequency signals that travel through the brain to the receiving coil.

Rights of Brain Injury Victims

Brain injury victims and their families suffer not only physically and emotionally, but also financially. Brain injuries are often referred to as “catastrophic injuries” because they tend to be permanent or life-long. Most patients do not recover from their injuries and are left with life-long disabilities that prevent them from pursuing normal activities and earning a livelihood. Some may even need round-the-clock care.

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Source: IEEE Spectrum

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